When Emotions Lie by Deondriea Cantrice

Title: When Emotions Lie
Author: Deondriea Cantrice
Rating: 4/5
Headline: Take a Look in the Mirror
“When Emotions Lie” is a page turner. Alicia believes she has the perfect marriage and husband in Arlington, but a simple trip to a grocery store shatters her perception. A woman named Piper confronts her and claims to be Arlington’s girlfriend and the story is a roller coaster from this point forward.
Like most women, Alicia depends on the advice of her girlfriends on how to handle the issues in her marriage. The problem with Alicia following their advice is that neither Myra nor Cassie is married which could lead to a negative outcome. Myra and Cassie have their own baggage and relationship failures which influence the advice they give to Alicia.
“When Emotions Lie” gives a realistic portrayal of what happens when a woman stops blaming everyone else and begins to see her own faults. I gave this book a 4 because the middle chapters about Cassie and Myra’s back stories seemed misplaced. I am looking forward to reading future work by Deondriea Cantrice.

This book was provided to me courtesy of the author for review purposes.


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