A Mile in My Shoes by Tammi L. Jackson

Title: A Mile in My Shoes

Author: Tammi L. Jackson

Headline: Very Realistic!

Rating: 5

A Mile in My Shoes is the story of young DeLaina. Her story is one that all of us can relate to whether through our own personal experiences and/or that of women that we know. DeLaina did not grow up in a “traditional” home with both of her parents and throughout the book, I constantly kept coming back to the question, if a person can have a loving, trusting relationship with another, if they did not experience this while growing up. Through DeLaina’s journey, we are able to see the highs and lows as she attempts to find love with others and most importantly, for herself.

There are some minor editing issues with the book, but Ms. Jackson has written such an original and captivating story that they were easily overlooked. A Mile in My Shoes is very raw and realistic. The emotional struggles that DeLaina experienced will have you laughing, crying, and 100% invested in her story. This was easily one of the best books that I have read in 2011!

The book was provided by the author for review purposes.


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