Misleading by WINKKatme

Title: Misleading

Author: WINKKatme

Rating: 4

Headline: Can’t Dodge Karma!

Misleading is the story of Jarvis Denttin who is a successful businessman that is accustomed to having whatever and whomever he wants. Jarvis has no boundaries when it comes to making sure he is happy and successful even that if that means he must mislead those that stand in his way. He treats everyone, from his employees to women in his personal life, with no regard and he believes they are content by just being in his presence.

Jarvis realizes that how he has led his life and the way he has been treating people were wrong and would like to mend some fences. But, Jarvis cannot dodge karma and what will ultimately happen when people are tired of being misled and have reached their breaking point. WINKK writes a story that jumps off the pages and it can be visualized like a story you would hear on the television but you do not want to believe it really happened. The only reason I did not give Misleading five stars is because the ending left me hanging and wanting more so I will hold on to that last star for the sequel!

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.


2 thoughts on “Misleading by WINKKatme

  1. Cheryl Francis October 15, 2011 at 1:23 pm Reply

    Very nice review! I will be reading this one soon too!

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