Deceitfully Yours by Sky Chatman

Title: Deceitfully Yours

Author: Sky Chatman

Rating: 3

Headline: Book has Potential

Deceitfully Yours is the story of Ransome Cantrell. Ransome has been released from prison and is attempting to put his life back together. He has several business ventures and he has no problem using several different women to help him accomplish his dreams and goals. The mainstay in Ransome’s life is his baby’s mother, Shavanna but he does not believe that he can trust her since she cut off communication with him while he was in prison.

Sky Chatman wrote what could have been an interesting story but there were numerous spelling errors and the storyline could have been more developed. The storyline of Ransome being married to two different women was unnecessary and it was a distraction in my opinion. The unanswered questions of Rod Rod and if Simone’s mother learned of the truth led to the 3 star rating. With some edits, Sky Chatman would have a 4 star book.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.


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