Football Widows by Pat Tucker

Title: Football Widows

Author: Pat Tucker

Rating: 5

Headline: Watch Out Coach!

It has been said that a woman scorned is capable of anything and that is true when we meet B.J. Almond of Football Widows by Pat Tucker. B.J. is the wife of a NFL head coach who walks in on him with another woman. But, it was not just another woman, it was an assistant coaches’ wife, someone she called her friend.  And, to add more hurt to B.J., she finds out that her entire circle of friends knew about this ongoing affair, so she decides that she will share all of their deep, dark secrets.

B.J. begins to write her own tell-all story of the lives of coaches’ wives, putting their hidden lifestyles, sexual preferences, and STD’s among other things on full display. Just as B.J. is a woman scorned that will write a book and sue her husband and mistress to maintain her sense of dignity, her friends are then forced to do just about anything to protect their secrets from being revealed. Pat Tucker has written a story that makes all the (wife) reality television shows look like child’s play.

This book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.


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