Real Wifeys: Get Money by Meesha Mink

Title: Real Wifeys: Get Money

Author: Meesha Mink

Rating: 3

Headline: An Average “Hood” Story

‘Real Wifeys: Get Money’ by Meesha Mink is your typical hood story. The book tells the story of a drug dealer named Terrance who becomes a rapper and then goes by the name of Make$ who meets a stripper by the name of Luscious and, in typical fashion, makes her his “wifey.” Luscious, whose real name is Harriet, is a college dropout who falls deeply in love with Make$ and the lifestyle he provides for her.

Luscious walks in on Make$ engaging in a sex act with her friend and former boss, Goldie and at that moment she only has revenge on her mind. Luscious begins to build her own business as a party promoter after Make$ is incarcerated for the rape of Goldie because now she must have her own income. Rape and prison did not stop Luscious’ intent of payback as written: “Revenge was my motivation. Payback was my aphrodisiac.”

Meesha Mink could have written a more developed storyline to make this a more complete story. The back story between Harriet, her parents, and one of her neighbors could have been expanded and that would have led to a clearer understanding of her behavior. Also, the designer label name-dropping and the presence of a certain cop towards the end of ‘Real Wifeys: Get Money’ made me want to hurry up and get to the last page.

‘Real Wifeys: Get Money’ will be released on January 10, 2012.

The book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.


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