What A Brother Won’t Do by Charles Walton

Title: What A Brother Won’t Do

Author: Charles Walton

Rating: 4

Headline: It Isn’t Always Best to Share

‘What A Brother Won’t Do’ by Charles Walton is the story of three brothers: Jerrick, Terrick, and Derrick Williams. Even though Jerrick is the one that meets Debbie, she would have a huge impact on each of their lives. Jerrick and Debbie had a whirlwind romance and marry shortly after meeting. Jerrick did not know that he was not the only Williams brother that was interested in Debbie or that he was not the only one that had caught her eye.

Not only does Debbie allow more than one Williams’ brother into her marriage, an ex resurfaces shortly after the nuptials and that is when the story goes from crazy to insane. ‘What A Brother Won’t Do’ had a strong storyline with just the Williams’ brothers and Debbie without having the ex physically re-enter the picture. Mad, disgusted, sad, heartbreaking, and real are the adjectives that I would use to describe the feelings I had when reading ‘What A Brother Won’t Do.’ Overall, this was a very good story as I read it in one morning and I look forward to more work by Charles Walton.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Visit Charles Walton at: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000510233864


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