The Disgruntled Wives Club by Portia A. Cosby

Title: The Disgruntled Wives Club

Author: Portia A. Cosby

Rating: 5

Headline: Excellent, Excellent Read!

The Disgruntled Wives Club by Portia A. Cosby is the story of three girlfriends: Crystal, Willow, and Dana (Crystal and Willow are sisters) and the trials and tribulations that marriage brings each of them. Cosby not only writes about the downfalls that marriage can bring, but also about the strength of friendships and how they can help a person survive anything.

Crystal seems to be living the glamorous life as her husband is a singing superstar. Her and Dante seem to have a marriage agreement, but what will happen when one of them violates it? Willow is married to Vaughn who seems to be the perfect husband and father from the outside but there’s only so much that MAC can cover up. And, there is Dana who is married to Ric, a man that has no drive, no ambition, and no future.

The Disgruntled Wives Club has it all: drama, heartbreak, revenge, forgiveness, domestic violence, and a huge dose of reality. Crystal, Willow, and Dana’s marriages are a sad reality for some women and Portia Cosby does an excellent job telling their stories. Portia Cosby writes a very well developed story and I look forward to reading more by her in the future.


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