The Sperling Chronicles: Split Images by Dilsa Saunders Bailey

Title: The Sperling Chronicle: Split Images

Author: Dilsa Saunders Bailey

Rating: 5

Headline: What a Sequel!

In Dreams Thrown Away, Dilsa Saunders Bailey introduced us to Kali and the Sperling men, and this sequel starts us in an unexpected place. In the middle of Colorado, a man who is beaten within a few inches of his death is found and nursed back to health. This man does not remember his identity or anything else about his life before Colorado. After meeting a “random” man at a store and following his instinct, this mystery man finds his way to New York City.

Kali begins to see this strange, homeless looking man around her kids and justifiably she is terrified for their safety. Her brothers in law (the Sperling men) seem to not think that this man is not a threat and puts him on their payroll. Kali becomes suspicious why the men seem to be so comfortable around this stranger and the more and more she really looks at him she begins to wonder if he could be her presumed dead husband, Ashton.

Split Images is mainly about vengeance and revenge and it is a rather dark read and makes you wonder to what lengths you would go to get your family back. Despite, it primarily being a dark read as mentioned previously, overall, it is a love story. Once again, Dilsa Saunders Bailey knocks it out of the park!


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