Drama…Another Man’s Girl by Sydney Lyttle

Title: Drama…Another Man’s Girl

Author: Sydney Lyttle

Rating: 4

Headline: Take Care of Home First

Chassidy ‘Chass’ Foundain feels she has broken her string of failed relationships when she meets El in the lobby of her mother’s job because he is young, successful, handsome, and a gentleman. El treats Chass with respect and is very romantic by nature but his downfall is that he seems to put his career first. And, when El does not take care of his responsibilities at home, Chass begins to look for attention elsewhere. Enter Shane.

Shane is the opposite of El. His life is on the streets and when we meet him, he does not believe in the concept of being a ‘one-woman man.’ Chass literally falls in his lap and the attraction between the two is instant. Chass tries her best to stay away from Shane but as El begins to show her less and less attention, the more she is drawn to Shane. Chass and Shane turn their fling into a full-fledged affair and then an ultimatum is given.

Drama…Another Man’s Girl is full of just that: DRAMA. Sydney Lyttle has written a story that on some level we can all relate to because as Jaheim sung, “You better put that woman first,” and when you don’t another man will. I am not quite sure if this book warrants a sequel, but I will be sure to check it out to see how this story develops further.


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