Girl, I Had Enough by Terry L. Wroten


Title: Girl, I Had Enough

Author: Terry L. Wroten

Rating: 3

Headline: An Average Storyline

Terry L. Wroten writes about three brothers and each of them has more than their fair share of drama. Trey, Raheed, and Calvin all have relationship issues and this book follows the formula of not messing with a woman whom is scorned. Girl, I Had Enough had more drama than was necessary for a story of its size.

Wroten had the potential for an above average storyline but I had some issues with it overall. There were too many sex scenes and they did not add any value to the storyline. There were some editing and grammar issues that an editor should have caught when reviewing. And, outside of Calvin, I was bothered by the other character’s behavior. Girl, I Had Enough is not a story about people in their 20’s, but people that are supposed to be grown ups but every single one of them are immature. I was happy when I reached the last page of this book because it could not end fast enough for me.


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