Bluesday by Adrienne Thompson

Title: Bluesday

Author: Adrienne Thompson

Rating: 4

Headline: We Must Face Our Past

Bluesday by Adrienne Thompson is the story of blues singer, Bobbie Brooks. Bobbie seems to live a pretty successful life as an artist and she has her husband, Clyde, by her side as her manager. Bobbie’s world turns upside down when her husband disappears and all of her credit cards except for one are declined.

Bobbie begins to go down a path of self-destruction and before she hits rock bottom she returns home to Arkansas. While at home, Bobbie must begin to put her life back together as she has no money, still has no idea where her husband is located, and then she runs into Reggie, who is the first love of her life. Bobbie must now not only face her present struggles she must conquer past demons so she will be able to move forward with her life.

Adrienne Thompson has written a fresh story and concept in Bluesday. It was so refreshing to read because as a reader I could feel the different emotions and it felt as if I could feel Bobbie’s pain, betrayal, sadness, frustration, and then her happiness. I stopped short of giving Bluesday a 5-star rating because I personally did not care for the nickname Clyde had for Bobbie and the word “champagne” was repeatedly misspelled.

Overall, I would recommend this book to others. And, I look forward to reading the sequel, Lovely Blues.


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