Infidelity by Moses Miller


Title: Infidelity

Author: Moses Miller

Rating: 5

Headline: What Just Happened?

Infidelity – we all know what the definition of it is but we do we know what it really is and what it looks like? We tend to think of an act of adultery being cut and dry but Moses Miller explores what it feels like from many different perspectives as we follow Shanell, Samyra, and Bryce. Infidelity may only have around 100 pages, but oh my, it is action-packed, psychologically stimulating, emotional, and impossible to put down once you read the first page.

Let me say I am a little late to the party because this was my first time reading a book by Moses Miller. I am so mad at myself for waiting so long because I have been missing out on a literary genius. I will definitely be adding all of Miller’s work on my list to read.

Infidelity is part of the Three The Hard Way series which includes novellas by Brian W. Smith and Rickey Teems II. I highly recommend reading the entire series.


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