Unshakeable Faith by Rickey Teems II


Title: Unshakeable Faith

Author: Rickey Teems II

Rating: 5

Headline: All You Need is Faith

A lot of us that claim to be Christians say we have faith, but do we really mean it? In Unshakeable Faith by Rickey Teems II, we the readers, get to see what it means to have true, unshakeable faith. Faith is a young lady who has a past but has decided to turn her life over to Christ, but guess who is trying to stand in her way? It is the other women in the church that constantly remind Faith of her past and they are determined to not allow her to move forward with her life.

Teems writes a story of how Faith must have ‘Unshakeable Faith’ so she keeps her focus on God and not on church folks. The story is powerful and forces you to take a hard look in the mirror and think about how you treat people who want to turn their lives around. Unshakeable Faith is labeled a novella, but Rickey Teems II writes a story that has as much style and substance as a full book.

Unshakeable Faith is part of the Three The Hard Way series which includes novellas by Moses Miller and Brian W. Smith. I highly recommend reading the entire series.


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