Today’s Truth by Terri D


Title: Today’s Truth

Author: Terri D

Rating: 4

Headline: Make it a Trilogy!

Today’s Truth by Terri D. is as good as its predecessor Yesterday’s Lies. All of the characters from Yesterday’s Lies are back in this second installment and the storylines are just as juicy and entertaining. Terri D. has done an excellent job of digging deeper and exposing more of each character and how far they will go to protect one another.

Today’s Truth is full of twists and turns that will keep you wanting more and not wanting the book to end. This is not a standalone book so you will need to read Yesterday’s Lies to understand the backstory. Like my headline states, make it a trilogy, c’mon Terri D!

Today’s Truth can be purchased here:

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Disclaimer: Read it All Book Reviews was given a free copy of this book from the author. We were not compensated for the review. If you would like to have your work and/or your clients reviewed, please send an email for submission guidelines.


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