Brown’s Possession…A Family’s Progression by ac Vernon Menchan


Title: Brown’s Possession…A Family’s Progression

Author: ac Vernon Menchan

Rating: 3.5

Headline: Cinnamon chooses…

Brown’s Possession…A Family’s Progression by ac Vernon Menchan picks up right where Cinnamon’s Universe ended with Black recovering from his heart attack. This second book in the series delves deeper into the dynamic of the relationship between Brown, Black, and Cinnamon. Brown is beginning to realize that because of the combination of his many indiscretions over the years and his encouragement of Black and Cinnamon to be such close friends that he may finally lose his wife to another man.

Brown and Black have different approaches to gain Cinnamon’s affection. One man attempts to be controlling, while the other attempts to let things develop naturally. I did not give Brown’s Possession…A Family’s Progression a higher rating because of some minor spelling and grammar errors and just like in the first book there were quite a few references of Cinnamon having to go to the restroom which still seemed unnecessary. Menchan truly has a knack for storytelling and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Mrs. Black?

Brown’s Possession…A Family’s Progression can be purchased here:

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