Nina’s Got A Secret by Brian W. Smith


Title: Nina’s Got A Secret

Author: Brian W. Smith

Rating: 5

Headline: What Would You Do?

In Nina’s Got A Secret, a young woman named Nina turned to stripping after her daughter’s father, Flip, was murdered. Her life seems to be one that will be full of poles until she meets Larry. He is a successful sports agent that is able to shower her daughter, Precious, and her with the finer things in life. Larry has an autistic daughter named Chrissy so he believes the union will be perfect between Nina and him as they can give the girls the parent they are missing.

Nina, Precious, Chrissy, and Val (Nina’s best friend) are driving home from an audition when a car accident happens. Quick decisions must be made by Nina and they will have you thinking aloud if you would do the same if you were in her position. Nina’s initial decision is understandable but what she decides afterwards is what makes this storyline fresh and unique.

Is this book fast-paced? Yes! Is the storyline innovative and fresh? Yes! Is this book full of suspense that will keep you reading until you reach the last page? Yes! Does this book make you want more? Yes! Should Brian W. Smith and his superb writing skills and storytelling ability be kept a secret? No!  Should Nina’s secret be continued? Yes! And, we should all be excited that Brian W. Smith has penned the highly anticipated sequel, Larry’s Got A Secret Too!

Nina’s Got A Secret can be purchased here:

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One thought on “Nina’s Got A Secret by Brian W. Smith

  1. Kristel October 16, 2012 at 1:21 am Reply

    I haven’t seen this book around, but when I do, I’ll be sure to grab it! That’s one exciting review. haha! You got me so curious.

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