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After much thought, I have changed the name of my blog. The new name is Tiffany Talks Books! It has a new name, a new look, but I am still talking books! I invite you to please visit the new site and sign up for the email updates. I truly appreciate all of your support in the past and your continued support!

So, go now to Tiffany Talks Books because there is a giveaway posted where you win either a Kindle Fire HD or $199 Amazon gift card or $199 Paypal cash.

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Happy New Year!


I’m on holiday in London right now but wanted to make a quick post to say Happy New Year to all of you that have supported this site so far! 2013 is sure to be an exciting and fun year! I wish you all the best and please share the word about Read It All Book Reviews to those in your networks! God bless!


Current FREE Kindle Titles

Over the past few weeks, I have posted several FREE Kindle books on my Facebook page. Below, you will the titles that are still available for FREE!

Key Presidential Speeches of President Barack Obama (2008-2012):

Never Been A Daddy’s Girl (Tonya’s Story):

Martin Luther King Jr. Spoken Word Dedication:

Brotherly Love and Betrayal:


Awakening Mercy:


Bon Appetit (a Jim Money Story):


The Devil Is a Lie by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Title: The Devil Is a Lie

Author: ReShonda Tate Billingsley

Rating: 4

Headline: More Money, More Problems

Nina Lawson believes her life will improve for the better once she realizes that she hit the $16 million jackpot in the Texas Lottery. Her fiancé, Rick, and her began planning what they will do with the winnings but the devil rears its ugly head once it becomes public that Nina is now a millionaire. She begins to hear from long-lost relatives who will do anything to be given some money.

Nina is in for the shock of her life when her ex-husband Todd and his girlfriend Pam state they are entitled to half of her winnings. It comes to light that Todd and Nina are still legally married and this is when the drama really begins to unfold. Would Nina willingly give up her money? Will Rick and Pam stick around to see if the divorce does get finalized? Would Nina and Todd find their way back to one another? These questions kept me turning page after page. Without spoiling the book, the only reason why I gave The Devil Is a Lie 4 stars is because I thought Pam was in the storyline way too long.

Deceitfully Yours by Sky Chatman

Title: Deceitfully Yours

Author: Sky Chatman

Rating: 3

Headline: Book has Potential

Deceitfully Yours is the story of Ransome Cantrell. Ransome has been released from prison and is attempting to put his life back together. He has several business ventures and he has no problem using several different women to help him accomplish his dreams and goals. The mainstay in Ransome’s life is his baby’s mother, Shavanna but he does not believe that he can trust her since she cut off communication with him while he was in prison.

Sky Chatman wrote what could have been an interesting story but there were numerous spelling errors and the storyline could have been more developed. The storyline of Ransome being married to two different women was unnecessary and it was a distraction in my opinion. The unanswered questions of Rod Rod and if Simone’s mother learned of the truth led to the 3 star rating. With some edits, Sky Chatman would have a 4 star book.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Yesterday’s Lies by Terri D.

Title: Yesterday’s Lies

Author: Terri D.

Rating: 3

Headline: Lies, Lies, Lies

Yesterday’s Lies is a story of friendship and love. It is based around Toni who was in love with Benjamin but seven years prior he disappeared into thin air. Toni was completely heartbroken but with the help of her friends Jada and David (both of whom attended college with her and Benjamin), she has tried to move on with her life.

Toni believes she has put her past behind her once she enters a relationship with Darien, but one day out of the blue Benjamin gives her a call. Surprise and shock overcome Toni but Jada and David have a different set of emotions. With Benjamin’s return, the web of lies that Jada and David spun begin to unravel and the validity of friendships and love are questioned.

Terri D. wrote an excellent storyline on the power of friendship and love. There was great character development because as the reader we can understand the reasoning why each person kept their secrets and tried to hold on to them. This book would have been given 4 stars but there was a noticeable amount of editing and grammatical errors.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way by Tyrese Gibson

Title: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Author: Tyrese Gibson

Rating: 3

Headline: Self-Help or Biography?

I was excited to read what was marked as a biography by singer/actor Tyrese Gibson, but to my disappointment, it came off more as a self-help book. Gibson shared some insights into his life before the now infamous Coke commercial that started his career at the age of 16. When Gibson wrote about life in Watts and the dysfunction within his parent’s marriage those were the best chapters of the book in my opinion.

Even though Gibson is not a professionally licensed and/or trained therapist, the majority of his book is spent giving advice on relationships, sex, and even how to be Christian. Of course, when we all tell our life stories to another person we may throw in the lessons learned along the way, but what Gibson has done is to allow the advice outweigh/outshine his story. Overall, it was a solid book but the intended audience seemed to be women that need some uplifting and/or ways to find and keep a man.

Misleading by WINKKatme

Title: Misleading

Author: WINKKatme

Rating: 4

Headline: Can’t Dodge Karma!

Misleading is the story of Jarvis Denttin who is a successful businessman that is accustomed to having whatever and whomever he wants. Jarvis has no boundaries when it comes to making sure he is happy and successful even that if that means he must mislead those that stand in his way. He treats everyone, from his employees to women in his personal life, with no regard and he believes they are content by just being in his presence.

Jarvis realizes that how he has led his life and the way he has been treating people were wrong and would like to mend some fences. But, Jarvis cannot dodge karma and what will ultimately happen when people are tired of being misled and have reached their breaking point. WINKK writes a story that jumps off the pages and it can be visualized like a story you would hear on the television but you do not want to believe it really happened. The only reason I did not give Misleading five stars is because the ending left me hanging and wanting more so I will hold on to that last star for the sequel!

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Mogul by Terrance Dean

Title: Mogul

Author: Terrance Dean

Rating: 5

Headline: Hard to Put Down!

Every so often I pick up a book that actually provides insight to a particular part of our society, and Mogul by Terrance Dean does exactly that for the entertainment industry. Even though it is written as a piece of fiction by the end, you will be trying to figure out who each character mirrors in real life. Although it may be a little sensationalized it does not reach the point of unbelievable.

Big A.T. is the main character of this story and he is a newcomer to the world of hip-hop. After going to a few industry parties, he is welcomed into “The Family” which is a group of down-low homosexual men who are amongst the most influential people in the fields of music, media, and business. Once Big A.T. is a part of “The Family” his career begins skyrocket and the drama becomes nonstop.

Mogul is a page-turner and a quick read. Dean through this and his previous piece of work hints at “outing” some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry by leaving quite obvious clues throughout his books. Mogul definitely leaves room for a sequel and if Terrance Dean decides to write one, I will definitely pick it up.

The Balance Finder: The Essence of God’s Perspective on Achieving Balance by Sherrice Thomas


Title: The Balance Finder: The Essence of God’s Perspective on Achieving Balance
Author: Sherrice Thomas
Rating: 4
Headline: Spiritually Balance Your Life!
Sherrice Thomas has written a practical guide on how to balance all of the priorities in a busy woman’s life. This guide is very informative and straight-to-the point, and it uses spiritual guidance to drive the point home. Thomas uses reflective exercises, famous quotes, as well as Biblical verses to help the reader filter through the busyness and clutter that fills their life. My favorite chapter was: A Strength Exchange because it focuses on how to let go of baggage and how to make room for all that God has in store for you.
This book was provided by the author for review purposes.
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