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Review & Blog Tour: Million Dollar Mistake by Meg Lacey

Title: Million Dollar Mistake

Author: Meg Lacey

Publish Date: October 23, 2012

Rating: 4 Stars

My Review

Meg Lacey writes such a fun and entertaining read in Million Dollar Mistake. Raven is the typical socialite who is more known in the tabloids for her sexual exploits and partying than for who she is on the inside. Jackson Exeter has invited Raven to spend the weekend with him and Raven accepts thinking it would be just the two of them but Jackson had other plans.

Jackson has invited his parents and his grandmother because he plans to propose to Raven over the weekend. Jackson’s father is completely against the relationship between his son and Raven because he has dreams of Jackson becoming a politician and it is his belief that because of all of the bad press that she receives that Raven would be a liability. Jackson’s father believes that Lorianne, who has been in love with Jackson her entire life, would be a better wife for him and invites her to the home for the weekend.

And, if the house wasn’t crowded enough, Raven’s “cousin,” Nicholas arrives right when she finds out that Jackson plans to propose. Raven is not interested in marrying Jackson so she and Nicholas scheme their own engagement. What will happen if Nicholas and Raven truly develop romantic feelings for one another? And, what will happen if Nicholas’ arrival was not truly coincidental?

We may not all be a socialite like Raven but we can all understand the feeling of wanting someone to love us. . The storyline is fast-paced with a great mixture of humor, deceit, and love. Meg Lacey writes a very entertaining piece of fiction that will keep you flipping the pages.

Please Note: Author supplied the book for a review.


Two Tears in a Bucket by Traci Bee


Title: Two Tears in a Bucket

Author: Traci Bee

Rating: 5

Headline: Will Leave You Wanting More!

Every so often I pick up a book that leaves me completely drained and Two Tears in a Bucket by Traci Bee is one of them. Every single emotion I have was felt while reading the story of Simone. She is a young girl left to take care of herself until she meets Kevin and everything about him is bad except his love for Simone.

Two Tears in a Bucket tackles the age-old question does love truly conquer all? Traci Bee has written a story that is lightning speed, full of drama, and felt like a drug addiction I couldn’t shake because I found myself saying “only one more page” until I hit the last page. Luckily there is a sequel, Another Tear!

Two Tears in a Bucket can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/Two-Tears-Bucket-ebook/dp/B004CRSRXE/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1349023746&sr=1-1&keywords=two+tears+in+a+bucket

Visit the author’s website at: http://www.tracibee.com/

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