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Can I Be Frank! by Rickey Teems II


Rickey Teems II tackles the often ignored and sensitive subject of internet porn addiction and turns it into an entertaining read in Can I Be Frank! We meet Frank(lin) while he is watching porn on his computer at work in his cubicle, what an introduction and who does that? Does Frank not know browsing history is traced by employers or is his addiction that deep that he merely does not care? Frank not only loses his job; his wife also says she is leaving him.

Franks finds solace in singing karaoke all over the city but he knows that something must change in his life. My favorite part of the book is when Frank’s cousin suggests he starts dating. Teems’ descriptions of these dates had me laughing out loud because Frank has absolutely no concept of how to interact with women nor how to censor himself.

Even though Frank is going on these dates and making ends meet by singing, his addiction to porn is still there. Well, that is until he finds a new sense of spirituality and then Teems takes us on another journey to see if Frank will choose his addiction or his faith. As with all of his novels, Rickey Teems II explores social issues that make you think, make you feel and most of all, will keep you engaged. Can I Be Frank! is one novella you should definitely read!

5 Stars



The Spot (Open Legs) by Ebony

Title: The Spot (Open Legs)

Author: Ebony

Headline: Welcome to the world of sex addiction!

Rating: 4

Ebony has written a short story in “The Spot (Open Legs) that brings the reader into the world of sexual addiction without it being excessively vulgar or in bad taste. Amethyst and Zoe have men in their lives that give each the ultimatum to enter a sex rehab facility or they will leave them so they both reluctantly check in to “The Spot.” Trust and believe you have never read or heard of a rehab facility like this one before. Since this is a book about sexual addiction, there are plenty of sex scenes, so be prepared because Ebony makes you feel as if you are right there with the characters!

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

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