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Blog Tour & Review: The Christian Alphabet by Tracy Sands



In 1999, the Lord inspired me at a church choir event. As I sat in the back pew, listening to the awesome Christian music, an incredible urge to draw came over me. Being an art teacher, I had experienced this feeling, but never with such intensity. I had a pen in my pocket, but the only paper available was the program I received at the door. In the empty space of that program, I sketched like crazy. I felt as though I would pop if I didn’t get the ideas out of my brain immediately.

I will never forget that experience. I felt peaceful yet energized. God was just getting started with me. Over the next nine months, God and I created this alphabet.


The Christian Alphabet by Tracy Sands is a beautiful and unique way to teach your child not only the alphabet but also about Jesus, the Bible, and prayer. There are beautiful illustrations on each page which symbolize something significant in the Bible and it includes an explanation guide so an adult is equipped to answer any questions that a child might have. The Christian Alphabet by Tracy Sands is very creative and I would highly recommend to anyone who has young children in their lives.


Tracy Sands is from Peachtree City, Georgia, where she lives with her husband, Albert, and their three sons, Chase, Gabe, and Adam. Tracy taught art and “church school” to all ages for many years. She now spends her time caring for her active family and working on The Christian Alphabet™.

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Meet Tracy Sands, Author of The Christian Alphabet Book: Teaching Children About Jesus, Prayer, and The Bible

the christian alphabet


1.      When did you fall in love with books?  When I was in Middle school I fell in love with Art books.  I would receive beautiful Art books from my parents for Christmas. I could sit for hours just looking at the masterpieces in museums around the world. I have a huge collection of the most magnificent Art books.  Then after college, when I was able to read whatever I wanted to read, I fell in love with novels.  I also began my deeper love for Jesus in college and started studying Sacred Scripture.

2.      When did you realize you wanted to write?  I have been an artist since High School, however, I never really considered myself good with words, more good with sketching/designing/drawing/sculpting/photography etc.  When God gave me The Christian Alphabet about 13 years ago, he also gave me the desire to write this book… but like Moses, I feel inadequate with my words, so he sent Moses his brother Aaron, and for me, he had to send about 10 special people to help me write this book.

3.       What inspired you to write the book? I created TCA over 10 years ago. During that time, we have created many personalized prints. We make both first names and last name prints – spelled out in the Christian Alphabet which are very popular for Baptisms, Christmas gifts, weddings, First Communions, etc. Our customers are inspired by seeing their names in the TCA. But many of our customers wanted to know more about the Christian Alphabet. There are so many different levels of meaning when you want to go deeper into each letter. The book contains ALL 26 letters, explains the symbology, and then goes into deeper levels of each letter by the Bible verse, letter lesson, and prayer.

4.      Tell us about yourself. I am a spoiled stay-at-home wife and a mother of three boys, ages 8, 10 and 12.  This keeps me very busy.  BC, Before Children, I was an Art Teacher for 10 years and earned my Masters in Art Education.  I love Jesus, Teaching kids about Jesus, and Art that has to do with Jesus.  This book has everything to do with ALL these“Loves of my life.”

5.      Who are your favorite authors?  St Paul, St Luke, St. John (The Holy Bible, New Testament)

6.      What are your favorite books? The Gospel of John and any Christian Romance/Suspense novels.

7.      What would you like for readers to get out of The Christian Alphabet?

Spiritual growth and knowledge of God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit.  Knowledge leads to Love, and the book is 26 lessons of God/Love.  “God is love.”1 John 4:16  “The more one knows of God the more one loves Him.” ~St. Catherine of Siena 1300s

8.       What makes you unique as an author and what sets your book apart from other books in the same genre?  My book is a Family book.  The book combines art with something that everyone can easily relate to – the Alphabet.  Using the alphabet, the book covers all the basics of Christianity,-even the deep answers like…,Why did God create you? and What is your purpose in life? And  What is Heaven? And How do you prepare for it?

9.  What is your writing process?  Mainly my book is the 26 special artworks (containing about 100 Christian symbols) =the letters of the alphabet, and each letter has a Bible verse and basic Christian lesson that goes with it.  Each of the 26 lessons has a connecting activity that “Love”~the dove from above presents, along with a prayer written at a child’s level.

*Because God inspired me with the artwork of The Christian Alphabet I want to share it with everyone in the world.  Because I am an Art Teacher, I know how to write lesson plans and teach.  Because I am a mother of 3 I know a little about kids.  Because I love God, and prayed very hard for Him to help me write this for Him, I feel the His Holy Spirit guided me through this tough process.

10. Are you currently working on anything new? If so, please give a brief synopsis and when should we expect it?  The Christian Alphabet Book just came out 3 weeks ago, so I am working on book signings right now, but where ever God takes me I will go.  I am looking for a new dream since this one has just been realized!  God has taken The Christian Alphabet to new heights…making it something I had never dreamed of!

11.  How can readers connect with you?

Website: www.TheChristainAlphabet.com

Email: tsands@thechristianalphabet.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheChristianAlphabet

Amazon Page:  www.amazon.com/The-Christian-Alphabet-Book-Teaching/dp/0985792809/

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