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Thanks for having me on your website today. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to talk with readers and celebrate my book, Rock Idol.

When did you first fall in love with books?

Some of my earliest memories are reading Dr. Seuss books with my mother. I think that was even before I started attending kindergarten. Once I could read on my own there was no stopping me. I’ve been reading voraciously ever since.

When did you realize you wanted to write?

I started creating stories just about the same time I started reading them for myself (maybe even earlier, my memories of my early childhood are rather vague). I’ve been putting pen to paper ever since and don’t plan to stop until I’m dead and in my grave.

What authors do you read?

This changes over time because I read more broadly than I’ve written thus far. I’m currently loving a lot of the paranormal literature—authors like Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks and Charlaine Harris. Their heroines are strong females who attract equally strong and capable men. These couples struggle with their relationships, trying to figure out how to communicate and when to compromise while remaining true to themselves. It’s both exciting and beautiful and it may be the subconscious reason I wrote my own paranormal romance, Healing, which is coming out from Red Rose Publishing in February 2013.

Why should readers pick up your books?

If you’re interested in exploring how relationships are born and how they develop, I’m the author for you. I’ll take you from those initial pulse pounding moments of boy meets girls through the excitement of falling in love. And in my series books, I’ll take you farther, showing how love can stay strong as relationships evolve and mature.

In my new book, Rock Idol, my heroine, Ember Blaze, was a teen idol who fell from grace over sex and drugs. She’s rebuilt her life and career as the judge on the popular reality show, Rock Idol. She’s not looking for love and she’s not interested in risking her rebuilt career, but as the contest advances week by week she has more and more difficulty fighting her attraction to hot young contestant, Rick Rogers. If you’re interested in a romance where the attraction is broader than great sexual chemistry, you should give Rock Idol a try.

How can readers connect with you?


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